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SHRImp Project

From the issues and bottlenecks identified by THAITiP nucleus committee, one of the biggest issues concerning Thai aquaculture is shrimp disease.

Shrimp disease has a huge economical impact in the Thai aquaculture sector.
Shinn et al. “The economic loss from decreased production is followed through the volume of product traded through Mahachai Market, one of Thailand’s principal seafood markets, throughout 2010-2017 and is estimated to be USD 7.38 billion with a further USD 4.2 billion in export losses.”

The Shrimp Health Resources Project is a project in collaboration with Sustainable Fisheries Partnership and Sustainable Initiative Trade (IDH) that focuses on reducing shrimp disease risks through an area management based epidemiological data assessment and providing with diagnostic services to shrimp farmers.

It aims to…

  • Increase shrimp productivity
  • Improve health management practices at farm and zone level
  • Protects investment and demonstrates professionalism
  • Joins-up solutions to solve a common issue


Key approaches:

  • Diagnostic services support enabling farmers to detect disease before symptoms appear
  • Epidemiological data assessment

Database inputs


Disease Early Warning System for shrimp farmers

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Technology & diagnostic companies involved…

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